100 Useful Things

100 useful things is about the things we love that last forever.

We believe things come to life when they are used. 100 useful things is an expanding collection of durable objects presented by the people who use them every day.

In a tiring world of perishable items that easily break, this is our tribute to durable objects designed and produced so well that their owners may never have to change them again.  We have asked 100 creatives from different industries all over the world to present their most useful thing. Our only criteria: Choose a beloved item you use all the time and plan on keeping forever.


“If you take occam’s razor to the question of urban transport, you don’t end up with a driverless car or a monorail system or anything like that. Those are Romantic solutions. You end up with a bike. The rational thing then, is to design an irreducible city to compliment bikes.”

— Steven Fleming, Director of Cycle-Space International